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Gorgeous Snoopy Christmas tree @ Futakotamagawa station. Thanks to my best friend @mayaya0111 for sending pics of Snoopy ornament on the right while I was on a biz trip..! Otherwise, I don't think I had time to visit this place before I take off again next month. Glad I stopped by to see this tree yesterday. 🏼️😎#peanuts #peanutsmovie #snoopy 私の親友にこのツリーの情報とかわいい右側の写真をもらい、早速ツリーをcheck out。寄り道した甲斐あり!

Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday! Thanks to @kimberlykelly_ for sending this photo from NY!! I miss Thanksgiving soooo much! It's the best! #thanksgiving #snoopy #peanuts アメリカでは昨日から秋の収穫感謝祭です!今日はブラックフライデーと言って、年に一度の大きなセールです!アメリカ中が朝からセールでごった返す日。七面鳥が食べたい!

Dear. Friends in Europe! Have you seen these in your country?! These look awesome!!!! I wish I could get them.Thanks to one of my special Japanese friends from University @10adon for finding them in Amsterdam! #snoopy #スヌーピー #peanuts

After working for super long hours in Boston for a few days, this really made my trip! Found the Snoopy limited edition x CRUNCH chocolates at the Dulles airport in DC! Ironically, I couldn't stay in DC to see all my friends and family though ..! 今回のボストン出張にて見つけたスヌーピーのお宝🏼️。ほとんど買い物の時間はなかったものの、乗り換えのDCの空港で偶然見つけました!ただDCに帰れず残念。#peanuts #snoopy

Traveling with pill cases. I put small earrings, necklaces besides pills! 旅の時はピルケースに小さなピアスやネックレスを入れて。#peanuts #snoopy

My new collection. 😎#peanuts #snoopy

Lacoste🐊Peanuts collaboration here I come! ラコステとのコラボ🏼️#peanuts #snoopy

A return gift from my colleague who just had a baby boy. It's quite normal in Japan when you give something to someone, you get some gift in return. 同僚から赤ちゃんが産まれたお祝いのお返しで頂きました。🏼🍼#peanuts #snoopy

Pray for humanity- people forget that terrorism happens every where in the world. It did not only happen in Paris, but it also happened in Beirut the day before. We need to pray for the world not just for Paris. パリで起きたテロ。でも同じようにレバノンでも前日に起こった。沢山の人達が犠牲になった。パリのためだけでなく、世界平和の為に、人類の為に祈ろう。#peanuts #snoopy

There's new Charlie Brown cafe opened in my colleague's condo in Singapore….! How cool would that be if your condo had Charlie Brown cafe downstairs! 🤔🏼シンガポールにいる同僚のコンドミニアムの下にオープンしたチャーリーブラウンカフェ!すごい!#peanuts #snoopy