March 2017

Happy Friday! #peanuts #snoopy

Sakura season is here! 桜#Snoopy #peanuts

Look what I found… L.L.Bean & Snoopy collaboration.These tote bags will be released on 4/22 at the Snoopy museum shop. I want them all! 限定L.L.BEANトート全部欲しい。4/22ミュージアムで販売。

The Wagah border, a border between Pakistan and India! インドとパキスタンの国境ワガボーダー。毎日両国の間でセレモニーが行われ、それを見に観光客や現地の人々が訪れる。#peanuts #snoopy

I keep visiting Karachi, Pakistan 🇵🇰 for the last 10 years to see my best friend, close friends, and people who became like my family. It's my fifth visit to this amazing country, and finally I got to visit to Lahore for the first time. Thank you for hosting me @nabahali . Cheers to my bff Mado!パキスタンのカラチ🇵🇰に訪れ始めてかれこれ10年。その間一度もラホールに行く機会がなかったので今回5回目の旅でラホールに連れて来てもらいました。連れて来てくれたカラチの親友と歓迎してくれたラホールの友達に感謝🏽🇵🇰🏽。#peanuts #snoopy