August 2017

Snoopy sasami oil! 美味しいそうなごま油。😙#peanuts #snoopy

New key chain, new home, (yes it's a house key) and new TOMICA! ミュージアムで買った新しいキーホルダーを新しいお家の鍵に。トミカのコレクションも増えたよ。#peanuts #snoopy

"Doorman Snoopy" is available only for guests who stay at The Imperial Hotel Osaka. How special️. Both small purse and a key chain are gifted from the hotel. These leather name tag and key chain are from the gift shop. If you ever have a chance to visit Osaka, definitely stay there! 帝国ホテル大阪限定のドアマンスヌーピー。バックとキーホルダーはホテルからのプレゼント。(タンブラーも付いてきた!)革製キーホルダーとネームタグはショップで。去年初めて泊まった時に。#snoopy #peanuts

Moving into a new place in a week. These have been around for more than a decade. I don't even remember how I even got a check book cover. 来週末引っ越し。こちら10年以上も持ってるスヌーピーの小物たち。アメリカのチェックブックカバーはどうやって入手したかも覚えてない。(笑) #peanuts #snoopy

Happy birthday Snoopy! It's Snoopy's birthday today. 今日はスヌーピーの誕生日。おめでとう。#peanuts #snoopy

These are called "Vinegar ice cream". Made with organic vinegar with Hokkaido milk with zero sugar! My friend and I literally stopped by Ginza just for this. お酢のソフトクリーム。しかも砂糖不使用!すごい!スヌーピー好きのお友達とこれ目当てに銀座に寄り道。#peanuts #snoopy

Makes me excited about next trip! これで次の旅もテンションあがる〜。プラザかわいい️。#peanuts #snoopy